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  Mission Statement  

In collaboration with administration, faculty, families, and students, Vina High School is committed to providing a quality education that produces respectful, responsible, and resourceful citizens.

  About The School  


The vision of Vina High School is to provide a program that will enable every student to achieve the maximum development of his or her abilities and will prepare every student to be an active and informed citizen of a democratic society.

Vina's Beliefs

  • Vina High School embraces the belief that every student can learn.
  • A school should provide a loving, nurturing, and safe environment conducive to learning.
  • An open line of communication between students, parents, teachers, and school administrators is vital to each child's education.
  • Each student is a valued individual with special talents, abilities, and needs that should be met with varied instructional techniques, activities, and programs that are challenging, engaging, and meaningful.


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