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Vina High School    Vina, AL

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I graduated from UNA in 1995 with a degree in ECE (Early Childhood Education).

I graduated from UNA in 1997 with a MASTERS degree in Early Childhood Education.

I completed & received my NATIONAL BOARD CERTIFICATION IN 2002, the highest degree obtainable by a teacher.



I have taught Kindergarten at Vina High School for 23 years.


I have taught Kindergarten for 23 years at Vina High School and LOVE it today as much as I did my first day... maybe even more... since I'm grounded in Kindergarten!!  I love watching "my Kids" succeed each year in reading & math, as well as finding confidence that they can "do it"!!  They are like little sponges soaking up all the knowledge given to them daily in the Kindergarten classroom.  Parents, remember... everything your child learns in Kindergarten in NOT on a piece of paper they bring home!!  So ask them... what did you do today?  And don't accept "nothing" or "I don't know" as an answer!!  Ha!!

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